Beard Askew Productions Ltd. are committed to delivering the very best films in an environmentally sound and sustainable way.  We take our environmental obligations extremely seriously. We strive to reduce the effect our business has on the environment and to reduce our overall carbon emissions whilst trying to communicate the importance of our planet to everyone who watches our films.


The key points of our strategy to achieve these aims are as follows:


  • We have signed up to Earth Hour which is the world’s largest demonstration of support for action on climate change. Each year, millions of people around the world come together to call for action to protect our brilliant planet.
  • Where travel is required we consult and discuss with our team to actively seek out the most efficient way to complete the project and wherever possible use local production crew to reduce travel. We have been making offset contributions since 2013 in various forms from offering our ‘films for a better future’ project where we give back 3 films a year to charities/organisations/local communities that need a film to promote what they do and to tell their story. Film is a powerful too to reach people that would not otherwise come across that project if it wasn’t for the ability for film to reach out and make connections. We do this because, not only do we understand the power of film to connect, but furthermore, Beard Askew was originally created to help both small business and larger companies, that may not have used digital media before, to tell their stories and promote sustainable change.
  • We recycle our waste paper, waste plastic, glass and aluminium. Love our reusable scrap paper boxes!
  • We use rechargeable batteries wherever possible
  • Everyone at Beard Askew ensures that all the electrical equipment they have been using during the day is switched off when they leave the office.
  • Wherever possible we switch equipment off at the wall.
  • We use paperless filing systems and everyone at Beard Askew are encouraged to consider whether it is necessary to print documents and, if it is necessary, to print double-sided whenever they are able.


It is in our mission statement to understand the effects that we may have on the environment through our day-to-day activities, whilst maintaining and improving, as best we can, the efforts put in place to enhance our environmental performance.

Jade Beard

Some of our recent Giving Back Projects:

Project: Lion Fish, Invasive Species
Type: Film for a Better Future, Beard Askew giving back Project 2016
Project: Ayrshire Rivers Trust
Type: Film for a Better Future, Beard Askew giving back Project 2016
Project: Medowbank Velodrome
Type: Film for a Better Future, Beard Askew giving back Project 2017 (ongoing)