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Hello Beard Askewers!


Has it been an eventful and ever-entertaining pass few weeks here at Beard Askew. Our resident jetsetter, Jade, experienced what you might call a port tour hitting up Paphos, London, Peterhead and Edinburgh and all in under 48 hours. But more details on that to follow.


We awoke in the early hours of the morning to arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at Peterhead Port Authority to film a piece on gear selectivity for Seafish. We donned out white coats, hairnets and wellies and layered up before heading into the market measuring in at a cool 1.5 Degrees Celsius.


A rookery of inquisitive seals calls the scenic Peterhead harbour their home. Weighing in at over 200 kilograms and at lengths of up to a rumoured 8 feet, we certainly wouldn’t want to take them on. However, they were friendly enough. The main event at the market kicked off at 7am where a number of fish processors from all over Aberdeenshire turned up to bid for the day’s catch.


Good old DJI gimble dropped in for another appearance and caught the action whilst Tim chased boxes of fast moving fish around. After a very prolonged game of cat and mouse, we headed to Jackson Trawls net factory to meet up with some big fish in the seafood world. Jimmy Buchan, Amity Fish Company and Stephen Buchan, owner of Jackson Trawls were gracious enough to take time out of their days to talk to us about the new measures put in place by the EU.


Jimmy and Stephen talked about the ingenuity that is crucial to working in their industry. Ingenuity, which was demonstrated aptly by the skilful factory team, who let us observe them hand-weaving a range of different nets used commercially for fishing. The longest serving member of the team, who had been at the factory for 42 years, demonstrated his dexterity with incredible gusto.


And what day would be complete without a stop at The Bay Fish and Chips in Stonehaven? We of course had to sample some Amity Scampi, delivered fresh by Jimmy Buchan himself that very day. We missed Calum Richardson by a hair, but we were treated to breaded haddock, battered scampi and of course, chips aplenty by a very hospitable Stuart Adams.


We had an absolute blast and all with a big thanks to Seafish, Quay Issues, Peterhead Port Authority, Jackson Trawls and The Bay Fish and Chips for making the trip one to remember.


Until next time, fish foodies.

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