Mysource-y shoot for the fashion world

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Hello Beard Askewers,


It’s been a while since out last blog post however in between velodrome filming and our trip to the Faroe Islands (more on that to follow soon), we’ve barely had a moment to stop and smell the roses in the Beard Askew garden.


Recently, we found ourselves privileged enough to be in conversation with the head of couture at Vivienne Westwood, Brigitte Stepputtis, sustainability manager for H&M, Catarina Midby and Futerra’s Global Chief Executive, Lucy Shea. Bizarre blog title explained, the Ethical Fashion Forum has just launched a new online platform, Mysource, which will be the key to connecting sustainable fashion professionals with buyers.


That’s where you come in. CEO and Founder of the Ethical Fashion Forum and Mysource, Tamsin Lejeune explains that you can be involved from as little as £10 in what Monsoon’s head of corporate responsibility, Olivia Lankester, is referring to as “a huge opportunity […] just at the right time”. If you’re looking for a more visual and dynamic explanation of the Crowdcube investment you can hope to be a part of, have a gander at the film here:


We brought in Loughborough-based artist Catherine Kim to produce a chalkboard mural representative of the Ethical Fashion Forum and Mysource story on a wall in the Futerra office.  Director of photography, Sam Edmonds set up some shots of our panel of experts, shooting on a C100 and a C300. We had our fair share of plant-shifting, table-lifting and mannequin-moving to get the right set ups, so hopefully this comes through in the film.  The team at Futerra were more than hospitable, putting up with being booted out of their boardroom and answering our plea to work silently throughout the day. So, if you’re reading Futerra clan – thank you!


Working with the Ethical Fashion Forum has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving. We were ecstatic when they swung by Eagle House (our nesting ground) with a couple of elegantly crafted leather bags from sustainable fashion brand, Luella.


We’re not ready to say goodbye to the fashion world yet, so WATCH THIS SPACE and keep tabs on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for what’s coming up over the next few weeks.



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