‘Velodrome’: for your viewing pleasure

‘Velodrome’: for your viewing pleasure

We’re back after a 4-month long blog hiatus, and come bearing exciting news! Any loyal Beard Askew blog readers out there will know that we were in Edinburgh filming at Meadowbank velodrome, in August of last year. It feels like an eternity ago, however we’ve been busy.


Since then, we’ve produced films for Seafish’s 2016 National Fish and Chip Awards (blog on this to follow soon), launched our content for Up & Go on our various social media (links below), filmed for a Futurelearn online course (content for which is live and ready to view on Vimeo), and on top of all of that, we’ve been editing the trailer for our documentary on Meadowbank velodrome.


For anyone who has not been paying attention for the past few months, or who simply is not one to keep up to date on Beard Askew news, we interviewed a plethora of cycling legends at Meadowbank velodrome ahead of its demolishment, which is set to occur in the near future. There will, of course, be an epic closing party, but more on that to follow soon.


Not sure what all the fuss is about? Meadowbank is an outdoor velodrome made from 100% African timber, and is the only one of its kind in the UK. Following its demolishment, outdoor wooden tracks will cease to exist within the UK, and there will only be two remaining cycling tracks in Scotland.


Not to mention, the likes of Chris Hoy and Craig MacLean trained there towards the beginning of their decorated cycling careers and the track has gone on to produce cycling champions Alison Chisholm, Phil Trodden, Calum Skinner and Katie Archibald, to name a few. Just being there, you could sense the rich history, the enormous sense of pride and the incredible passion for cycling that all those who are involved with the track, associate with it.


After months of editing, we bring you the thrilling trailer, which is but a teaser of what you can expect from the full film. Keep an eye out for the release date. We still have loads more contributors lined up and are likely to end up filming in Manchester. Links to the trailer on Vimeo, and our Facebook and Twitter pages are below, and there’s also a link to our Instagram page, which boasts a tonne of pictures documenting shoots, events and general Beard Askew shenanigans.


We’d love hear from you so do post in the comments section below or feel free to send us a note via email to robyn@beardaskew.tv.


Over and out, blog enthusiasts.


The Beard Askew team



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